Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where am I?

Is it possible that I'm back in LA? Yes I think that's what the ticket said as I boarded the plane.
I know that Anna skeined over 70 skeins of yarn, and weighed out more fiber than I can imagine, even though it came out of my stash hoard. It was more than fun working in the clean and useful production room, 5 of us (one being less than 1 years old) worked like we were in a sweat shop but the good news it was cool enough to close the windows. We all thanked Katie for her hard work as everything worked as she had planned. It was heaven going to sleep in my bed wearing my flannel night gown, and being chilly making tea in the morning. Breathing the clean cool air with that hint of winter on the warm dry grass smell, leaves already turning and dancing on the road scattering before the car.
Anna took lots of boxes to the post office while Becky and I went to Walla Walla. On our way Becky took me to the Columbia Gorge Hotel for dinner. While waiting for our table, we walked the grounds enjoying the view. Unfortunately my camera batteries gave up the ghost and I only have my memories to share with you. It was totally relaxing and the dinner beyond wonderful, Champaign over Lemon sorbet is a killer break in a drive to Eastern Washington. We returned to the journey and as the miles clicked by the terrane slowly changes to a less verdant wilderness, and again I thought of our new color-way Columbia GORGE-ous, perfectly mirroring the colors of what lay before us.
Arriving at Beth and Gary's new home, Shadow greeted us like she lost her mind with joy, yodeling and barking throwing herself on Becky and I as Beth grabbed both of us in a teary reunion. Beth has found her spinning wheel (in a one of the many boxes the movers left!) ready to spin, and with the fiber we brought her she sat with a quiet look of joy on her face, spinning her favorite FiberLicious.We went to a car show and Gary and I talked cars, Beth strolled along with Shadow remarking on all the cars and trucks painted red, she is still in her red/orange faze.
Too soon it was time for our journey back to Portland to have "young people" fun with Don and Emma. We first went to a Lebanese restaurant and feasted with my favorite music playing. Full to the brim we strolled to Powells books. It was great, but not as great as when we were there for The Yarn Harlot ( while visiting the bathroom, it's graffiti exclaimed; "Terri-pods Rule!"). So proud of Don coming out without spending any money. He laments a visit to Powells usually costs a dollar a minute. I didn't like to say that Woodland Woolworks or Sarah Anderson's booth costs me about the same! We walked most of the Pearl District and heard and saw the sights of the nightlife of Portland.
Next day we had brunch with Jan and Neil and Becky's college friends Adrian and Paul at a wonderful place called "Saltys", again with a Columbia River view. Then all too soon off back to LA. A family meeting here has set my plans and I think I'll be able to go to OFFF! I'm hoping to fly home next week, but I need to sleep, while the eating part was well in place this trip, not a lot of sleep was had. So for a few days I will quietly recharge my batteries and do some much needed plying. I know Emma took some pictures while we were working in the production room and when I find my camera I'll post some pictures.
Mo was so happy to have me home and has spent these two mornings on the bed cuddled up along my legs. It was good that I had removed all Tut's things, it was much easier to come home with no reminders, except the claw marks on the shower curtain and the teeth marks on the blinds.
If you are a spinner expect fiber today, if you are in Austin Texas go to Hill Country Weavers as they will probably get their huge boxes of yarn today! I'm plying!

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Sheila E said...

Did I read that right....I read it twice to make sure....YOU ARE COMING to OFFF...yippee and YEAH!!
Goodie....goodie...too ;)
See you Soon!!