Friday, September 28, 2007

The Trouble with Dial Up

You all ready know it's the no picture thing. I've been taking pictures, lots, it's just getting to Joe's to post them. Which brings me to the point. We have made over 100 skeins of yarn here this week!
As I write this Anna is in the production room skiening, she is excited and says she'll be more excited when they are all in a box winging their way to yarn shops, me too. I have been plying. I did go with Don and Emma to have young people fun in Portland on Wed. night. We went to a Harvest Festival at their food co-op! Square Dancing under a full ripe Harvest Moon! I heard Becky's voice "Hippies" but in a good way Becky! I finally got to go to Voodoo Doughnuts, I had a dirty old bastard one, it had Oreo's on top with Peanut butter filling, I can hear my Mother saying "I don't like peanut butter" and Becky saying "have you gone to Curves yet"? I like peanut butter and when yarn is flying to parts unknown then Curves here I come.

I heard from Katie, she misses the "easy life" here at Camp Andersen (not that this is easy here, but it is easier than having a social life, working and trying to finish the last semester at college). We both hope that she can join us at TNNA in Jan. I love you Katie! I'm plying a lot of Katie's Painted Hills this week, which will no doubt will make me miss her more.

Autumn is in the air (lots of pictures are in the camera to add here) leaves are changing and the nip is enough for us to wear the flannel nighties. It rained on and off since last night, some deer has eaten the tendrils of tomato vines, as we are surely getting close to our first night of frost I'm glad to share. The neighbors harvested their pumpkins and their porch looks very festive. Anna and I talked about making mittens for Charlie, ohh baby knitting. I'm not sure but I think there is a little bit extra of NW Winter in the production room, we are both hoping so as I can tell she is itching to knit, although with a newly walking almost 1 year old, I probably have a better chance of making them than she does, but Anna is nothing if not organized and not time awareness challenged.

Charlie is at the crash and burn stage of life. He is sporting several new bruises and I'm one large mug down. I'm hoping that his Dad Chris doesn't put Anna on "Trish restriction" after he sees the black eye (incredibly he reached up a long distance onto the production table to dump his Mom's cup of water on his head (mug bouncing off his eyebrow) and then breaking into a million wet pieces on the floor) and the egg on his head (woke from his nap and launched off the bed onto the floor, Anna can run fast!). However, we met Josie today and her 1 year, whom old fell this morning and put a front tooth into her lip, had an awesome bruise on the outside! Josie is my new housekeeper! I love her all ready, she said my house wasn't that bad.... I can imagine what she has seen if this isn't bad.

I should be plying, there is an incredible about of singles in my room, two sisters (Vicky and Terry! HI what are you doing reading this spin girls spin! LOL) have decided to have a spinning race both took 10 balls of fiber and they want to see who gets them done first! I think there shall have to be a small prize for the winner, Anna and I will have to mull this over tomorrow.
While I have done very well on the eating thing since Mike has left, the sleeping thing has not been so great. I've been coughing like a champ (think it was plying 27 skeins of cashmere in one day) so the sleep, when I allow the body to recline, goes into coughing fits, no easy rest. I have vacuumed (even though Josie's making an emergency visit on Monday) just to be able to sleep tonight. I hate the thought of wearing a mask but I don't want to get "black lung" from cashmere! Mo wasn't at all happy to have "The Machine" in operation while trapped in the bedroom with me, I had to close the door as to not waken Charlie.
WOW the new yarn "Fireworks" is all sold! It isn't spun but it was so heavenly I had to tell someone, Shelli (Knitterly) bought everything that Suzanne (Hill Country Weavers) didn't! We will have to do this yarn again. I spun a skein last night at Guild and I was in heaven! It spun up like a dream, I can hardly wait to ply it! I think one of the reason's it has such a great hand is that it has such a high amount of recycled cashmere. Oh it is to dye for.
Shelli says that she knit a little shrug out of the beaded Calypso Cove yarn, Nancy (Knit Stop) had mentioned it when she called to order more beaded Calypso Cove (I love that I didn't have to knit anything and that these two got each other so excited that they both doubled their beaded yarn order). It must be beautiful I can hardly wait to see it when I go for a visit this October.
Charlie is awake again and the computer (in it's droning disembodied voice) has announced that it is 23:00 hours (if you see the time posting and it doesn't jive with this it's because I set my clocks fast, remember about the time awareness problem!) OFF TO BED, I will not ply, I will not ply, (maybe one skein of Fireworks), I will not ply....I now can hear Mike say "that cardboard coffin is waiting" (can you believe they even make such a thing! they do! don't ask how I know)

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