Monday, September 03, 2007

Long hot weekend

The heat and stress finally caught up with me and my unlimited patience is not as unlimited as everyone claims.
Anna called early in the morning and offered help and is picking us up from the airport in Wed. and get to dyeing, skeining and shipping on Thursday, I started to cry.
Brent and his friend Steve came over for dinner on Friday night, we grilled, having thought better of cooking a lamb roast and popovers in the oven. I love Brent and Steve! Brent entertained Tut, which was perfect as he is starting to act like a real kitten all teeth and claws. Becky and I took Tut to the vet for his check up things are looking better. Becky may be a lot of things but very few people know her marsh-mellow side. She is known as a Bad A** at work (taken from her "Becky Andersen" initials) and her counselor in High School called her abrasive (usually because Becky didn't like to take advice) but just like her dad she has her soft side. Mom I think you need some time off, so I'm taking you out to dinner and the Bowl, so sit back and enjoy! She knows me well.
"William" my GPS voice took us all around the town before we figured ( thank goodness no dirt roads) out what we had done wrong. We ended up at the Pacific Dining Car. The restaurant is a icon of Los Angeles, open 24 hours a day, yet has the charm and class of a downtown eatery. It was blissfully cold inside with men to wait on our every needs, it was quiet and cool. My brain began to work and for the first time all week was actually hungry. Becky and I talked business while we supped. This is just what the doctor ordered Here am I having a cuppa of Earl Grey and Lavender tea.

Becky then drove us to Hollywood Bowl here is the entrance.
Hollywood Bowl stage. The music is always great and is usually a lot cooler than it was that night, 86, every once in a while a cooler breeze might blow throw, but not long enough.
My little girl enjoying the music, she looks so young and happy

yesterday the heat turned up a notch and finally when it was 89 in the front room Becky suggested I might want to move the spinning into her air conditioned room, which I did and all day she plied while I spun, together we got all the textured cashmere done, which is all the fiber I brought down! Good thing we are going home on Wed. I'm really excited to go to the post office to see what's there!
I finally emerged from our cool sanctuary at bed time and when the thermometer said 83. It now says 89 and Becky suggests that I skein in there!
We are both thinking of Katie and the crushing heat the mid-west is surviving, and wondering how her vacation in Mexico and her summer project presentation is going. Mike is off and I think I might talk him into a drive to the beach... just for the cool ocean breeze..... Hopefully we won't bring this heat to Oregon!

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