Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm plying today, lots of cashmere. I was almost caught up and then 10 unexpected days of family stress has put me back which is so frustrating. Mo continues to reject Tut's advances of friendship. Becky and I took Tut to the vet yesterday as his leg looked bad, sure enough not only have the staples not worked to close the surgical site, but now it is infected, so not only does Tut have a cast but now an Elizabethan collar AND a gaping infected wound. He still manages to get around and play with the empty single cores (toilet paper roll cores).He is sleeping on the bath mat where it is the coolest in the house
The heat has followed us from Tucson and was 100 degrees in the kitchen last night as I tried to fix a meal. I know this because the meat thermometer (digital and state of the art) said so. Mike continues to struggle with his family issues. It seems that Medicare, Medical and Arizona's health care doesn't pay for long term "custodial care", so this falls to the family, what do people that can't pay do? They are dropped off to their last known address and I guess, die. Now the family is faced with paying the bill or letting MIL die. Let me tell you Mike and I are looking into long term care for ourselves. If anyone has some better information we are up for anything.
Becky and I are making a run to the Oregon house next week to try and get fiber and orders out and do some dyeing (the good kind) so that I can close up the house and return to LA and then to Tucson for more packing of boxes.
It's even hotter today and with the thunderstorm last night, very humid, my mood is dark and gloomy. I am having a lunch of fresh tomatoes picked along with basil picked from our garden and 10 year old balsamic vinegar, and fresh mozzarella, a favorite and the only bright spot in the day.
I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and look forward to the drive and sitting in airconditioning, I'm not expecting bad news but as dark as my mood is I can't help but think of "could it get any worse" because of course it can. I don't feel really good, and think I might have a cold so I have started the Airborne.
I love plying to see the colors come together and how the textures work to make lovely yarn. Becky decided I needed a boost and we go to the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday to see Tchaikovsky Firework Spectacular.
I long for the cool green of home, wearing knitted socks and making soup, even the gray of an overcast day. Wa wa wa. Off to the doctors...
PS I lost my anklet bracelet yesterday either at the vet, or Trader Joe's, family is glad that it isn't ringing my presence but sad for me that I lost something I liked....

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