Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Keep on yarn'n

This is the yarn we did this past week (minus the yarn we did this weekend) not drying in the 102 degree heat, as it isn't at all dry heat

Coming to a yarn shop near you! If you are in Auckland New Zealand, or planning a visit to Wild Fiber in Santa Monica or Knitterly in Petamula CA or expecting a special project, here is your yarn.
Tut update! He is burying his noise in a fleece that Jan gave Becky., we were worried he couldn't breath, but he looked up and then fell back to sleep.

After he took a quick nap then he played until the early morning. A new kitten in the house does not a peaceful nights sleep make. I made an effort to find the mouse I bought him while I knit, this morning the only way you get to knit without the hazard of sharp teeth and claws.
We fly to Oregon tomorrow night! Green and cool, Diane G called to say that the cats are fine and there are three boxes in the front room, more yarn to ply! I feel like making yarn!

1 comment:

Sheila E said...

How Sweet that lovely new kitten of yours is!!
Congratulations on getting all that yarn spun up...and it's so beautiful...needless to say.
Glad to hear that you will be cool and up in our area of the world.
Call me, when you get the chance...I miss you ;)
Becky is INDEED beautiful.....gets that from her Mom!!