Wednesday, September 05, 2007

YEH Going home

I'm going home but just for a little while. We'll be in Oregon (baring any flight problems) at 8:30 pm.
I've just finished yarn for a very special project and Lorna has OK'd me showing you! Lorna Miser (aka Lorna's Laces) is writing a new book and she commissioned me to spin some very special yarn, combining her angora rabbit with anything I like. Katie and I developed "Katie's Painted Hills" and "Columbia GORGE-ous" for this project. Lorna had three yarn requests first was to make a textured baby yarn (perfect, Emma wanted a non pink or purple color-way for her baby) and a natural colored yarn for a Teddy Bear, angora in the natural with a matching cashmere and silk, (who wouldn't like to snuggle this Teddy Bear), and last Columbia GORGE-ous angora with Merino/Angora blend for mens gloves. I had men in mind when we developed this color-way! I can hardly wait to see this yarn knit up! The book won't be out until next year but let's hope we can see the projects pre-publication!

Tut update, this cat is down three lives. First when I rescued him, second surviving the surgery and trip to LA and then last night. Becky and I had been out for a last minute shopping trip, and when we got back we made dinner and I sat down and turned on the tv. I heard a slight meow, then a louder meow with a scream and then the screaming meowing started. We finally tracked him down behind the TV wrapped up in all the wires (not unlike the berry vines) with some of the wires wrapped so tightly around his leg and cast he had pulled the cast down and twisted his bad leg so every struggle twisted and wrapped more wires around his bad legs. It took us unplugging all the wires, and even then much unwrapping, with twisting his bad leg all the while. The cast had slipped down around his knee (which is crushed and now?) and had been twisted, we cut off the cast, with him screaming with pain, and re-applied the cast, temporary, until today when we can take him to the vet. Undoubtedly his leg suffered much damage, but until we X-ray it we won't know.

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