Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home is where the Heart is

Mo, Mike and I will be on the road tomorrow, the weather here is warm but not too warm. At home the weather is cold and rainy, I love rain and cold. Mike is tired of seeing me in the same three outfits and three nightgowns I brought with me. Mo will be glad to go home so that he can sleep on "his" bed and not have to worry about fighting (Cyrus has been living up to his name sake). Everyone here will be glad to see the roving sweat shop leave. A mistaken identity with some lemon grass and my meddling in all things domestic has driven my routine obsessed family to distraction. It's so difficult to try and live in two places at once. At one point I had 25 pounds of sugar in St. Helens and none in Lakewood, the memory that I needed sugar was strong, but the location of the need vague. Becky felt that a list would be in order, but lists are way too organized for me, although she (as always) is right lists do help that kind of thing.

One of my passions is tea. Becky claims that I drink beakers full in the morning, which is only partially true. The other morning at the Antique Fair I found this cup,

Becky figures it's about right for my addiction. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends Bonnie and Sarah. Bonnie is a tea blender and Sarah is a fiber artist, whom has the best color-ways, that solves two addictions....both to be satisfied at OFFF, see everyone on Saturday if your going to OFFF!

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