Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Working woman

I can't tell you the joys of being organized (thanks Katie!!). Getting fiber ready, sending yarn and fiber out, figuring out what goes where all wonderfully easy just having a clean and organized place to work. Last night I skeined 30 skeins! I listened to my iPod and just got onto it. I have an order ready to ship and many boxes of fiber to ship to spinners. I've been to the post office and I have the bed ready for Beth and Gary (whom are spending the night as all their worldly possessions are in Walla Walla WA.). I haven't been to Joe's but plied 5 skeins and one load of laundry.
Tomorrow I am judging the hand-spun at the Oregon State Fair and meeting with Anna and Kathleen, then off to talk about the joys of hand-spun at the Tigard Knitting Guild! I had hoped to have more "end of season" yarn to sell but didn't get to ply that....
I've paid my bills, wow, and prepared the basket for tomorrow night, but now I have to cook dinner for the hungry. Looking forward to meeting new knitting friends at the Guild meeting tomorrow night and sending off a fatty box of yarn Friday. Friday doctors appointment, hopefully picking up three cut and wrapped lambs in Canby OR and Alexander's wheel at Woodland Woolworks, Carlton probably a 300 mile round trip. Saturday Mike says we have to pack and then Sunday drive to Lakewood CA.
Wheew good thing gas prices are down!

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