Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm tired

I'm whacked tired. I was tired before we drove from St. Helens OR to Lakewood Ca. with two cats. Moses of course but what other cat? Ok I'm coming clean here's the story......
I was waiting for Jan at Marks Meat, Friday, to divide the lambs and I heard a noise, meeow, meeow, no no I thought. Jan comes and goes in to get the meat. MEEOW MEEEEEOW the sounds gets more strident, so of course I walk across the lane and peer into the berry brambles, nothing, "kitty, kitty" says me, MEEEEEOOOOW, says it, oh yes here it is. The kitten is tangled in the berries. I extracted said cat, he purred and started licking me, what can a body do? So I took him to the car, Jan came out and just laughed, it's not funny! It was then I noticed the broken leg.
After the delivery of lambs to the various freezers in St. Helens I took "The Kid" to the vet, not only is the leg broken but the knee is shattered and the surgery wasn't successful. The kitten will never regain his full leg movement. Mike said I should have just put it to sleep, Jan and Ann offered to help pay (the vet did the surgery for free I just paid for all the meds) Now I have a kitten with a cast larger than most of the cat! It needs help to go potty, and stand, until we drove it 1020 miles to Lakewood. When we got home it can walk and jump just fine and decided it didn't need the staples holding the leg together, so he took them out. It can move fast very fast, even with a full leg cast.
Now tomorrow we are going to Tucson (only 102) to clean out Mother in Laws house and pack it into a rental truck and put it in storage in case she makes a full recovery from the stroke that has left her in pretty bad shape. Her husband is weeks away from dyeing of cancer....... we are taking the kitten with the bum leg? Not if Mike has anything to say about it.
Today after feeding, pottying and medicating "the Kid" Steven and I went to lunch with Brent, Ron and Becky, it's rather strange being in 90 degree heat after leaving St. Helens in mid 50's downpour, the dark green hills replaced by the sharp contrast of lots of pavement, people, cars and lots of advertisements, everywhere there is a billboard. I'm feeling strange, tired, hot and just plain old...
This is a picture I snapped at the barn when I was packing the chickens up for a "vacation" at Auntie Jan's house. I finally had to brush these young fledglings off the gate so that I could get by.
This is yarn for Mel and Hill Country Weavers

This is a statement of my life a mural on the wall of the resturant we had lunch in

My LA Children Becky and Steven

Ok, OK here is a snap of big trouble

He meets Cy for the first time Cy's not happy


Brent said...

He is a nice looking guy...don't let Becky tell him differently...and he'll grow into those ears.

Sachi said...

Oh my. Poor baby kitty!