Monday, August 13, 2007

Quiet on the Western Front

Hey Katie here's some more yarn to skein off, oh yeah she's gone, Hey Emma you want some Mac and Cheese, oh yeah she lives in Portland, Hey Bethie, oh yeah she moved to Walla Walla.......
With the house empty except for Mike, Mo and I, this o' house seems much larger than before. The office is clean and organized and big and quiet, the production room, big and quiet, the neighbors next door have been on vacation so it has been really quiet.
Katie is home and so glad not to use the cranky skein winder! I've been making yarn but the thought of skiening this much yarn myself is mind bending. I'm 4 skeins away from completing Hill Country Weavers Order.
Spinners have been spinning away and going faster than I can ply.
Mike put a sink in the dye studio and I'm excited to have a go at dyeing when we don't have to haul water from the front yard. Mike and I are going to Tucson Az. next week to take care of some family business (first pack up sweat shop, then drive to LA and pick up Steven then drive to Tucson, pack boxes and drive it to California then rest and ply then drive to St. Helens OR.) and then a short stay in LA. then back to the yarn factory! I promised Katie that I'd be hard at it and I have. I've been staying home so nothing much more than HI! I'm making yarn, if I can get to Joe's tomorrow I'll post a picture of all the yarn made this week! Spinners keep spinning, wheels keep turning, plier keep plying, dyer keep dyeing......

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