Monday, August 06, 2007

Final days

Katie has finished two of the three projects she came to do! I can't tell how this extraordinary young woman has changed my life. I hope that we have many more visits together but it will never be quite like this lovely adventure we have been on for the last two months.
I feel like I can "do this" whole business thing, not just making yarn. I feel like we are catching up, and we are. Katie has left her mark on us all, Becky, Emma, Don and Mike. An angel through and through, I only wish I had been as smart at her age as she is now. She is with Emma and Don today having a young people's day. Here is what she did this weekend!
Before :>(


Before :>(


Wow don't you agree she is a jewel?

We are behind on the blogs because all we've been doing is working, our last hurrah before all too soon she is gone. Last weekend Katie went to the Chocolate Sheep Gallery and took a felting class from Loyce,
Katie laying out her fiber while Loyce looks on..

Katie felting in her design

Katie and the other merry felters!

This is proud Uncle Mike with Anna's son Charlie! Mike really enjoyed our brief visit, hopefully they will get to visit again while Mike is here!

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Denise said...

Can Katie please stop by my office on her way home? Thanks!

I'm getting ready to print the new card designs soon. As soon as they're done I'll send you a set of the one featuring your yarns!