Thursday, August 23, 2007


The whole "dry heat" is such a crock. It's going to be 105 today and lets face it that's too hot for the human body. I had a look at the job we are to do today and here's some "life" rules that have been added to the list; If you have 4 outbuildings and a garage that you can't fit anything in because they are too full then don't start filling up the bedrooms and hallways, de-clutter.
Think of the poor people that have to clean that mess up if you should fall off the face of the earth! 4 outbuildings and one garage, God give us strength! It took two men yesterday to almost pack all the tools in the house, there are still more tools in the house. I know I'm kinda the glass house throwing stones, but I have only got the barn and there is very little in it that is mine. I cleaned up my act several years ago and the last remaining "problem" area's have been taken care of just look what Katie did! I could still use a little clean up but it was never this bad. Hoarding is a sickness, and makes a body feel sicker. Especially when you have tools that you never used them, several of the same tool still in the boxes! Knitting needles and yarn doesn't even come close. I like Emma and Anna's idea don't have more things than you can pack in your car. I'm working on it really!
Meanwhile kitten update, he is doing great, he can jump, into the cat box, (YEAH), onto the couch (OK) and up a skirt (OUCH!) he is a marvel with that cast and he can run with it. We have already gone to the vet in California to get the staples repaired. Their parting words where "keep him quiet" HA! he is a 10 week old kitten. He is eating really seriously eating, and we hope that he will put a little weight on, but given the amount of activity this kitten has been getting.....
By the by, the kitten and the cast both fit behind the washer and lint removal wand needed now!

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Sachi said...

Oh my. I just snorted and giggled out loud here at the office. I have an image in my head of you using the cast like a handle and going around the house dusting.