Thursday, August 23, 2007

Arizona day 2

I can't strongly enough make it clear to you how unpleasant the heat we suffered through here has been. I had to take Steven (son) for a hair cut mid-day as he started to have heat stroke, too much hair. We found an honest to goodness barber that even gave him a shoulder massage! all for $16 (hair cut, beard trim and massage). I started back on the inside of the house and am not sure if all the tools are pack in boxes but most of the tools in the house are in boxes. The garage is another story but we could walk into it when we left.
I had a little melt down at the truck rental place and had to make an emergency knitting shop stop, they literally talked me into the shop while I drove the streets of Tucson in the 16' truck, if you are ever in Tucson please stop in at Kiwi Knits! It's on 6th St and Tucson, I know, I've been there. I have cast on a baby hat thinking of better colder times when a knitted garment would be welcome. Today it was welcome as a stress relief. Well all the guys (yes I'm sleeping with three men not in a good way) are a bed day 3 begins too early tomorrow..
PS Becky reports kitten ate 3 meals and had a romp in the back yard and now uses the cast as a pole vaulting tool, pictures to follow....

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Sachi said...

Hang in there!