Friday, August 24, 2007

Arizona day 3

We are back at the motel, clean and cool. It is lovely to be cool. It rained today, it was still warm. We stood basking in the cooling rain, it must have lowered the temperature by 10 degrees, to around 90. There are more boxes in the truck than in the house. Bad news the doctors have decided that MIL isn't making enough progress and told us they aren't paying for anymore care, so come and get her.... she can't walk, and she is paralyzed on the right side, and the talking thing isn't great, but come and get her...
We can't believe how much we have done and how great things are looking, and how big our little truck is! I have learned so much about tools, although my knowledge about tools is pretty high as I was in Automotive 4-H and had a gear-head upbringing then married a gear-head DIY freak, today there were several items that stumped him. I saw lots of neat birds (even an escaped Lorikeet), frogs and biting ants. I love my son he is such a rock and the calm for everyone. People and animals always love Steven, he is just one of those people.
We are having a picnic dinner of Italian food, my favorite Eggplant Parmesan, a treat that I very rarely get as my children claim that Eggplant tops the "gross vegetable" list. I will probably come back next weekend to pack more of the house, but let's take it one day at a time, face it that's all anyone has, right now.
Kitten update; he has left chewed pieces of the cast all over the house, Becky isn't sure if the cast will last until 1:00 tomorrow when it gets removed, leg checked and replaced (?) and luckily The Kid didn't find all the singles that I left on the lazy kate, Becky caught the possible disaster before it happened. He has grown and filled out (according to Becky) and caught butterflies in the back yard. which is good as Mike told me of a meeting with a large rodent in the barn before we left.
I knit 6 rounds on "Baby Turrentine's" hat, while taking a break in front of the fan this afternoon, unfortunately I left the knitting at the house, it's bed time anyway.

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