Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pictures to follow

Katie has been really serious with the "phone and driving restriction". She only has three weeks left and needs to have things "wrapped up" for her final projects. We have collected all the pictures from the last week and I will post them when I'm in Colorado at the motel with high-speed internet. We have made record number of skeins this week. Yesterday I spun and plied a pound of yarn, yesterday. Each skein has more than 200 yards of yarn. Today we went to Lint and Knitting Bee to get feed back on Katie's new color-way. It was all good. Here is what we need from you, names, we need two names. See our yarn in a previous blog and look for Katie's new color-way this weekend.
It felt good to get out of the house. Katie was pleased as well. We had lunch/dinner with Emma. Tomorrow Katie and I get to see what we got on our County Fair entries, again there will be pictures. I entered a beaded skein of Calypso Cove and a skein of Super-wash "Gorgeous" or what ever we come up with. Katie entered her first knitting project ever! Yes I made her. Our County Fair is small and in danger of being done away with, so everyone needs to enter the Fair this year!
I don't know what I will do without Katie, just thinking about makes me want to weep. She is such a jewel. I wish I could hire her after she graduates but we aren't that big yet....
Well off to bed long day at the Fair tomorrow and then packing the bags for a 7:20 am departure to Denver and then driving to Colorado Springs. Mike is all ready upset we aren't packed yet....hey the laundry is done.
PS today while spinning I watched "The Russians are Coming The Russians are Coming!" put this on my Christmas list it is still funny. Brent have you seen this one?

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