Sunday, July 15, 2007

Making beaded yarn

I love it but it is darned hard work. Lots of bead excitement with plies breaking and beads flying everywhere. When it is so hot and beads are escaping everywhere there is a fold or dark place it gets frustrating. Mike has fixed the vacuum and now is working on the laundry room door (hasn't been hung since 1997) he found up in the barn. Katie is working on her special color-way and is planning on going to the Columbia County Fair.
I'm planning on entering but what? Not the scarf. In years past today would have been spent "getting ready" for the fair with projects all through the house in different stages of completion. Mike would have been "making" things to support. go with, or to hang what ever we had come up with. I still have the wooden chicken Steven painted to go over his chicken stalls. He had Golden Lace Wyandottes, the most beautiful chicken in my mind. He worked on ever feather and made it perfect. I love the fact that he even put eggs under the hen.
I miss Steven. Our chickens are laying well with three eggs the last few days.
There are no sheep in my barn but the echos still float 'round. A halter here, a bucket there, the feeder still full of old hay. They have been baling hay for a week now. Most was in before the little thunder shower we had a few nights ago. We will be demonstrating spinning at the Fair on Thursday and Friday it will be Beth and Katie, as Mike and I are going to his sister's wedding in Colorado Springs CO.
Emma and Don are on Orcas Island in the San Juan's at a family wedding and we look forward to seeing them next week along with Anna.
It seems strange not panicking, nagging children and running around in circles, but I'm glad it's in the past. Now back to making beaded yarn......

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