Friday, July 20, 2007

Promises kept

Mike and I are in Denver having lunch at an upscale bakery! Here is the beginning of the pictures
Here is Mike and Katie are walking into Marsh's "museum". It is a really whacked place in Long Beach WA.

Katie putting her feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time "It's freezing! She is saying....

This is Katie's other final project Clean sweep the office. She's going to do it while I'm not there!

OK sometimes I'm too nice. this time I said yes to have a stall at a Vacation Bible School's Jerusalem Market Place. We were to talk about spinning and weaving in Christ's time. Katie got an on the job experience. Katie didn't want to talk so we told the kids she was mute, and since no one told us to bring stuff for sale we told the kids that Katie needed to buy a sheep so she would have dowery money.... all the little boys gave Katie money, but the little girls bought fruit and candy from the other stalls, one young man in 4 trips to our booth told us he had given Katie $1.05! I'm sure our booth collected the most money! Everyone loves Katie and wants her to have a sheep.

This is what happens after a day at VBS!
The whacked Samurai!

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