Saturday, July 07, 2007

Making Yarn

Katie and I have been making yarn. Lots of yarn. She is now one with the skein winder. I am one with the wheel.

Mike joined us on July 4th and things are really getting done now. The garage sorting has begun, The skein winder is fixed, the umbrella swift is getting fixed as we speak. Both screen doors are replaced, letting the cross wind run freely through the house, (moving the little colorful pieces of roving about the legs of chairs and tables, Happy Mo), mowing has taken place this morning, loading the car for an outing this afternoon.

Katie has started her final project! Yikes where has the time got to now.....
Katie has put me on phone restriction and is planning more office work for Monday to do the second half of office make over, (Brent, Katie found the crayons and I told her the "crayon story"), dyeing tomorrow? She has started (figured out how to making the printer work) a scrapbook for final project.

I've been spinning a lot of beaded yarn (that reminds me the vacuum has got to go out to Mikes "magic" workbench) very fun but the fingers a little sore, the silk is very sharp as it runs over the fingers at who knows what speed. A lot of cashmere has been about and sticking to everything but the leather seats in the car, (again I am reminded the vacuum must go to the garage, and to find the eye wash).
We (well not Mike, as I can't imagine that he is going to be happy about the color, hey I've been wrong before) have "picked" colors for the office and production room.

Emma and Don have moved into an apartment in Portland, sorry to see them leave "Camp Andersen" but happy that they have a new nest that is their own, and somewhere for me to sit, spin, drink tea and blog all at the same time. I always pride myself on packing skills, but Don and Emma have got it down. It is right on the MAX line which means there is knitting time as well. Anna (Emma's sister) has moved back to Salem Or. and I have cuddled her baby, Charlie not to be confused with Melissa's (Lint) baby Charlie.

We went to the St. Paul Rodeo (another "Welcome to Oregon" for Katie) lots of cute young cowboys, and horses, I love horses, sorry Becky was so far away, she loves horses and cowboys too. Named the new color-way being blended at Janell's "Fireworks" hope it lives up to the mental image.

Now back to the wheel. Yarn shipping out this week to Knit Stop and Hill Country Weavers.......

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