Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fantasy Fibers

Here we are at Fantasy Fibers you can send your raw fiber here and they will wash it, card it and either send it back to you or spin it for you. I have a special yarn in development and Janell is doing a the blending of me. Katie and I got the special tour
This is the owner (and sweetest ever) Janell Casey

This is the washer for the fiber

If you look down on my blog you'll see our drying set up. This is the professional way, (take a good look Mike! can you say "Honey Do")
This is Jackie, master carder
Myrna also one with the carding machine
This is what comes out of the carding machine "roving" this is what we spin from
If you want Janell to spin your fiber these are the machines that do that, look 8 cones at once
This is the drafting triangle. Any new spinner knows that this is elusive and hard to create and mantain
Everyone wants to kiss Katie watch out Joe! Janell has llamas and Pygora Goats

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spinpygora said...

Hi Trish - I found your blog! Good to see you this June (at Conference and BSG!). Good luck with your yarn business and maybe we'll see ya at OFFF!!