Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dog Days

It's just no fun to make yarn when it is 101. Two weeks ago Katie was commenting (complaining) about the cold of Oregon, and it was cool, but now we are knitting, and drinking smoothies at Joe's. Katie is good and proper caught by the knitting bug, when she has had the first spinning lesson watch out.
I have taken out my scarf for the second time and re-knitting it again. Will it be done for the fair? Let's just wait and see (Becky swears that this response meant no, and why didn't I just say no)
This Newport Rocks yarn is drying so quickly! It's going to Hill County Weavers

This is Summer dyed by Katie!

This is fiber that is now being spun

This is the Tiger Lilies that we planted last year when we had to bury "Old Kitty", they are huge and this is a virtual bouquet for my Mom

This is a real bouquet that Emma and Katie collected from the yard

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