Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beating the heat

It is cool today. Katie is out feeding our neighbor's animals. I'm really on phone restriction as I left my phone in Long Beach (WA not CA) yesterday.
The smell of the ocean and being in cool air really recharged the batteries (not to mention Cottage Bakery), but leaving the phone on the table at the restaurant was bad.
I hear the back pasture pheasant and remember that we are going to try and let the chickens on walk about today. Last time one flew to the neighbors house and I got told (by said neighbor) about the "last" time (now 5-6 years ago) we had chickens, and how they had 8 chicks in their dog house, not in a good way. Have you ever tried to remove a mad mom hen from anywhere? Hopefully now that Sally and her girls have got the idea that this is their new home that they won't stray, and have happily been in there chicken stalls with one half the door open and haven't figured out that they could go walk about easily, got to love chickens that obey rules.
They lay about three eggs a day although got two the last two days probably due to the heat. Mike is thrilled about the chickens and helps most everyday to feed and water them. He wishes that we could have sheep or his favorite goats, but the coming winter promises more travel for me so having more animals to give away wouldn't be the right idea.
Thinking about traveling I will be in LA for October 26th and if my LA friends want to get together sometime that week lets!

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