Sunday, July 22, 2007


Ok so we are still in Denver Colorado, our flight was cancelled. This is Mike's first flight in 22 years and he says it's his last. Alaskan Airlines did everything they could to make us comfortable, we are at the Raddison, we have our luggage and we have a flight to Seattle and then to Portland but.....
We have high speed internet for another night so here are the pictures!
Mike and I on the Air Force Base for the wedding

I spent a lot of time looking at this fellow (before the service of course) and thought about Emma and Don's wedding just a year ago......

This is were we had breakfast this morning. Doesn't this look like NW 23rd. St in Portland?

After breakfast we went for a little drive and then a short stroll. We are at 6000 ft. Luckily I wasn't as poorly as the day before with a slight headache and queery belly, due to altitude not the drink.

It's this a wonder? I could have stayed all day however we had a plane to catch! We wanted to be on time with no excitement, and we were!

If you look carefully you'll see a young man hanging by his fingers of the side of this rock, I wanted you to see the scale of these rocks.

Mike is having a drink "to settle his nerves" I'm clean and going to bed as we have to try and catch the shuttle by 5:00am hopefully we will make it to Portland by 1:10pm... wish us luck!


Brent said...

The joys of modern travel...I think Mike might be on to something.

Sheila E said...

What lovely pictures!!
Is that actually a smile I see on DH? He must have been having a nice time.
I too understand his angst about the needed me with you for the calm...floating. Should have told me and I would have sent some your way.
Glad that you both are home safely!!
I miss you too!!