Friday, July 20, 2007

Columbia County Fair

We went to the County Fair, Emma, Anna, Charlie, Katie, and Me. We met up with Beth and Marlyn, and were soon joined by Chisti and Valerie. We got to have a weaver there as well this year, she spins as well so you know what?! That's right she's spinning some NW Winter.....
Katie is showing off her first knitting project ever! We are so proud of her.

I only had two skeins ready that were my spinning through and through. This one won a blue ribbon! It is going to Knit Stop ribbon and all....

Christi is talking to Beth (in a good way)

This is Robbie Greisen. Rob bought a sheep from Becky, called Olivia, at the time the sheep was bigger than Rob. Today we see Olivia's great Grandchildren! Rob is also driving??!

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