Thursday, July 26, 2007

Katie's Last Days

We have been hard at it. We sent a package off to Hill Country Weavers and didn't hear a thing.... time passed, I called thinking they hadn't gotten the yarn! It had been at the post office waiting to be picked up. Thankfully it is there and everyone said they loved it, well something more than love but it can't be printed on the blog! Call Susanna at HCW in Austin TX to hear the "real" story.

Katie is at two weeks and counting, Joe, her mom; Marilyn and her dog Tekayo are all looking forward to her coming home but I'm really not. I think Mike isn't thrilled to loose Katie's calming influence on me and the yarn production, he even kept asking last night "what are you going to do with out Katie" several times. I have no idea, and I'm dreading the day she leaves.

Donna, a TFC spinner, sent us this picture and suggested a name for Katie's color-way, Painted Hills! Thanks Donna for the picture and the name. Katie and I both agreed this is the best, what do you think?
Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon

I haven't quite finished my Columbia GORGEous (which is what Beth, Katie and I chose) scarf but here is most of it!

I think Katie makes this scarf really beautiful

We have a new account in Portland OR. "A Close Knit" on NE Alberta. This is the owner Sally with some 50% Cashmere/50% Silk in NW Winter color-way do you think she likes it?

After having a fantastic day at A Close Knit we came to Emma and Don's new apartment. It is in a really old but lovely building and has two Murphy beds! I had to show you the bed Emma and Don sleep in

It pulls out!
Back to making yarn!

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