Saturday, June 09, 2007

Time marches on as ever

Ok so I'm a little behind. I never got back to Joe's and so I'm trying to finish on the dial up... I hope to get to Joe's (maybe tomorrow?) some time soon since I have more pictures of not only the end of the cruise but NwRSA Conference, a meeting with Elizabeth at Knit Knot, Meeting Yarn Harlot, and Katie's arrival and subsequent work, and a visit to Lint.
Note; Katie more than a jewel and lots of fiber has been dyed, skeining is going to get done, Katie has run out of yarn for her new scarf (first knitting project) I've got a new color-way and we are going to Black Sheep Gathering with Becky-!! (whom is flying up for the weekend). I have given Larrissa a wheel I found in the barn, and not done much else but work, sleep and eat. I love that we sleep and eat but the more we do of it the more my body wants, but the mind is clearer and that's a good thing. Emma and Don arrived home this evening, but leaving again tomorrow for Seattle, then coming back to look for an apartment. Mike is coming up to work in Portland for a couple of months, great news. Emma remodeled the bathroom while we were on the cruise. It was just like "While you were out"( which is tv show that remodels people's homes while they are taken away and unaware).
Becky loved traveling so much that she is planning many more trips, and has Mike thinking about traveling some too. My friend Linda arranges fiber/cooking tours to Tuscany which sounds really good to Becky and I so what about it would you like to come to Tuscany with us? Let me know..... now back to eating, sleeping and work.....

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