Saturday, June 16, 2007

Last Day

Our last day of the cruise was bitter sweet we took this picture of Arturo and SaraWun had a quick dinner and then off to our tour of Victoria, BC Canada

The one thing I really wanted to do is go to the Empress Hotel High Tea, let me say it was the best and "made" the trip for me icing....

So back from the cruise, Becky had flown home. Emma and Don arranged a tour of the Japanese Gardens in Portland. This is the panoramic view of Portland from the gardens, this is the most beautiful city....

One day after the Japanese Gardens (which was two days after the cruise the head reels), Jan and I were packing for Coeur 'D' Alene Idaho which was hosting the NwRSA Conference

This is another cruise! on Lake Coeur 'D Alene Cynthia Nordstrum and Cheryl Huffman (owner of Molehill Farm yarn shop) are enjoying the sights around the lake

One thing about spinners they like to eat, this is what happens when they announce DINNER! 265 spinner make a beeline to the door, and the wheels become silent.... peace reigns

This is Jan cooking our salmon, we had good food

OK so glad I have good friends, yes this is me, yes I look BAD. Jan is a generous hostess, not normally a wine drinker, I like the "Glen" Friday night Jan hosted a party in the camper, my cup was never empty (of wine or Glen, but not both at the same time ) the next morning I felt bad and looked bad "Glen" and I are broke up. Jan snapped this picture while I tried to keep a healthy and delicious breakfast where it would do the most good. She said I had to post this so here it is....she has pictures of the Friday night. She is keeping them for black mail

On a lighter note this is Sara Anderson and her two sisters. Sara won the best skein, her sister took best knitted project and her other sister won something but I can't remember what it was sorry! I asked to be adopted by this side of the Anderson bunch and so took a picture of my new sisters

This is Elizabeth at Knit Knot with her Newport Rocks (merino/angora blend) scarf she designed. I went to spin at the shop for 1st. Thursday in the Pearl (no not purl) District. Elizabeth and Jane decided to bag it and kidnapped me on a tour of the Pearl, which included dinner. Did you know that there are corn mushrooms? Now we both do.

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