Saturday, June 09, 2007

Alaska May 2?, 2007

Ok I've lost track of the days as time was only important when you were hungry or need to get back to a waiting bus....Ketchikan our last day in Alaska. It is almost always raining in Ketchikan Alaska, 360 days of the year, the crab catching with crab feed (having the night before gorged on Alaskan King Crab 'til we burst) didn't seem as exciting so I asked Becky if we could switch our on-shore excursions to Sawman Village and the Logging Show, she was sweet and said yes so we did! this was great because Holly and Teresa decided this sounded fun too and came along! The day dawned early we had to be at the bus at 7:30 (having had breakfast!) wouldn't you know the weather was perfect...
On to the bus and off to Sawman Village we saw a nesting pair of Bald Eagles on the way to a very interesting show this was the building (clan house) we went to

We are getting into the wild picture thing
This picture pole is a reminder to children to heed parents warning. This child was told not to put his hand into clams, sure enough he did and got trapped, not wanting to get scolded he tried and tried to free himself, the tide started to come in and the child called for help, too late by the time the elders where called and had cut his hand off, he had been drown. I was such a child and so was Becky.... good thing we never ran into such a clam......
These are the carvers of the village a lot of the youth of the community are learning there culture, it was just all together great.

THE LOGGING SHOW! Big fun here I lost my voice and so did Holly! It was a competition between two logging camps. We were the Canadian's! We WON!

I want these fellows...bad.. at least one for a son-in-law....

I don't have pictures because it all was so fast, but I saw wild whales for the first time this afternoon after we took off from Ketchikan. Mike was on the loud speaker again, the gang had broken up and I was on deck again watching for whales and saw several Humpback and one Meinke, many porpoise breeching and such. It was breathtaking I ran to the bow and the wind whipped my skirt over my head... 6 people on that cruise saw more than whales......

It is our second formal night, Holly and Teresa joined us for Lobster dinner!!

This is the head waiter Guiseppi! He took a shine to Becky and I, he couldn't be out done by Arturo and sang to us and then asked to dance with Becky

He also has a single son.... He is a kindred spirit don't you think?

Us being formal (the dress was bought with the money Mike got from selling his old '72 Chevy pick-up good recycling don't you think?)

Holly and Teresa, ok we had been drinking, wine with dinner and dessert.... and a couple of cocktails at bingo earlier....

This is the Champagne fountain along with a mid-night celebration
The last time I was in a night club dancing they were playing the same music... Bee Gee's
This what greeted us after we went for a hot tub after the dancing, and at 3:00am this is pretty funny, Mario has a sense of humor

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