Saturday, June 09, 2007

Alaska May 24, 2007

We were in a grove now! We had slept well, eaten well, and laughed well. We had watched movies together and dressed together and found a new friend in each other. Wow am I the luckiest Mom in the world, Strike that the luckiest WOMAN in the world. Not a thought for work, yarn or dye. No worries, wow. This day was a "no port day". Every night Mario turned down our beds and provided us with the "Princess Patter" which I read religiously. Tracy Arm was this day, not knowing what this was all about I read that our Naturalists Mike was going to start his field guided talk on every outside deck about 7:30 am. After the "cell phone alarm" accident I found the "wake up call" feature of the stateroom's phone. I was up (Becky just turned over) and dressed in cool clothes, as so far I had baked, and on deck with my cup of tea and binoculars.

Doesn't this remind you of my pictures of the Columbia River Gorge?

Here we have hanging glaciers.

Last night (June 8th) I met a woman that had been on the Sun Princess, the ship that had been in this gorge with us. She and I both had taken pictures of the ships passing each other!

I situated myself on a cozy lounge chair and watched the ice burgs float by while listening to Mike talk about wild life and Tracy Arms, we saw a bear and a flock of mountain goats one with a kid,

I got cold after a morning in a very cool shirt, took the opportunity to roust Becky and get changed. This is were we rekindled our acquaintance with Holly and Teresa, whom didn't mind that we wanted crazy pictures, and was amazed that I knew so much of the wild life and marine biology, easy when you have spent several summer schools at marine biology camps!

I then talked Becky into going back up to the Ceramic's room and painting a plate, whom should we meet but Holly and Teresa, we sat talking for hours, decided to go to High Tea and then we went to Bingo, here we parted. Later at dinner, Arturo sung to Becky and I and told tales of his growing up in the Philippines, we were the last ones to leave the dinner room....again!

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