Saturday, June 09, 2007

Alaska May 22 & 23, 2007

After we returned to the ship (yes Mike not boat) the gang plank was raised and we were underway for Skagway Alaska. Becky and I decided to bag the "traditional" seating plan, as another night of crickets wasn't what we wanted, also we had missed our dinner time. We went to the Pursers Desk and they placed us in the Bellini Room at table #55 with Arturo as our waiter and SaraWun as our assistant waiter. These two people "made" our trip, we never returned to the "Traditional Seating" Arturo talked with us and didn't have an attack when I wanted an Earl Grey tea for after dinner.
This is a picture for Steven. The whole dock face is decorated with "tags" from ships that have docked there. I took a lot of pictures of the more interesting ones but on a more sober note this was the one I most wanted to show Steven.

"Grumpy" Becky, she got a call from work and I thought the day was shot but when we finally got on the "White Pass Railroad" she fell again under the spell of Alaska's wild beauty

Here we are with some of the landscape shots that Becky took. It was well worth the price of the trip and the camera to see Becky enjoying her first "grown-up" vacation (ok, even though I was treated to this cruise, it would have been worth it had I paid)

Can you see Becky at the end of the train?
We're in Canada!!
This is the most photographed house in Alaska I forget how many pieces of drift wood this house sports but it was a lot. I got the best job offer of my life, and had the most memorable salmon feed at Liarsville... ask about this story next time we meet! We went to the Red Onion Salon, a establishment of negotiable affection....... Everything about this trip was great, however I think Skagway was our favorite.

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