Saturday, June 09, 2007

Alaska May 20 & 21, 2007

After Becky knit in the bracing air of the open sea she felt well enough to go paint some ceramic's this is what we painted

Ceramic's was where we met our new friends Holly and Theresa, we didn't know yet we were soul sisters.........
This is how much progress I made on my gloves, hey I'm on vacation, and as the weather was so warm, 70's! the project soon was bagged

After a silent meal, (crickets Mom I could hear crickets, even I couldn't stimulate this table of fellow travelers to talk....) in full "formal" regalia we decided to see the stage show, it was good, the men were beautiful and the women were strong and handsome, no I didn't get it of the "men" was wearing a diamond umbilical ring... strong bling with this one.

Here we are in Juneau Alaska! The only way to get to Juneau is by sea or air...
Becky had booked a lovely day trip "The Best of Juneau" She booked the lovely weather "on line"...LOL
Did you see the Newport Rocks Scarf??

Here we are at our first stop the fish hatchery where the salmon are "ranched" rather than farmed. This means a large percentage of their babies go into the wild to go back to where the parents were raised, great idea. This is the ladder that the mature salmon use to get into the "harvest tanks"

Here we are at the Mendhall Glacier. It was breathtaking, the only trouble was we only had an hour here. We are going back soon. We were besieged with volunteers to take our pictures for us. When we tried to do it "our" way we got less volunteers and less patience's for our "staging" I was the last one on the bus again... "The Last Cow"

This is Becky enjoying the sights, it was so good to see Becky happy and a little silly, she soon caught my infectious humor and the silly giggling and laughing was non-stop. After seeing Becky posing, some 50 something gentleman thought they would step back to a younger time and mooned their wives, men, they don't grow up just older. Laughing is good for the soul

All too soon we were whisked away to Green Angel Gardens. Becky and I could have happily moved in to this lovely wild place filled with informational signs. We were the only ones out of 45 people that stopped and read and looked and listened. The rest went for the free muffins and tea.. don't get me wrong they were great too, but the gardens are true jewels, here is our favorite of the day Conch Fungi with moss, did you know there are 700 types of moss? They had 52 on the interpretive trail! Sad that we were the only ones to notice

After the tour ended we went shopping! This is Becky's haul. I've never had such fun spending so much money. We went to all the shops and bought a lot of jewelry...Thanks Mike

This is Snowbank Hank! He lived in the Green Angel Gardens

We REALLY missed everyone especially Mike, Brent, Casey, Steven, Emma and Don, we knew that we were having way more fun than any of them.....

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