Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ups and downs

(Photo of me at the airport)

I'm flying tomorrow and pack again today. I've dyed, spun and did the dreaded "office work" until everything is up to date.

Emma and Don have arrived safely and have spread their quiet serenity about the house, along with regular healthy meals. I'm trying not to be in the manic mode but I find myself running up and down the stairs (while very good exercise not good time management) with one item and looking for something different. The new vacuum is a joy, Emma even cleaned out the Alder beetle collection in the window runners (hey it's spring and I've been working!) She found great joy in sucking the discarded bodies up (after spiders where done) finding stashes around the house.
Don has been living at Joe's, even the satellite speed isn't fast enough for his job. Emma went to Portland this morning to develop photos from a shoot she did on Sunday, after a morning of drinking tea on the front porch catching up on the goings on of our extended family. HAY Auntie Cindy!!! Wish ewe where here to eat the lovely blueberry scones. The writer whom is doing an article on Tanglewood Fiber Creations called to fix some details, wow thanks everyone that has participated in this endeavor I love you all too.
One of my close friends (she doesn't want to share her name) has had cancer surgery, things are looking hopeful could everyone place my friend "M" on their prayer list. Also heard that Melissa of "Lint" had a bad house fire this weekend, I haven't called or looked but I'm sure we all will say prayers for her as well.
I have some new pictures but loading them from home is impossible so it will have to wait until I'm on the road.
I'm spending 5 days in LA, and get to meet with Mel Clark at Tudor House for a real lunch-!! She is living in Auckland now. I've been missing her, so this is a real treat to look forward to.
I missed Day to Dye For, bummer, but I had my own party and dyed 10 pounds of fiber, all Newport Rocks but in SW Merino, Merino/ Angora (yes Elizabeth for ewe-!!) and Merino/Silk and a small bit of Alpaca/Merino/Silk, a treat for someone........
I met with three new spinners this weekend, all super great! For the first time I have more people wanting to spin than I have dyed fiber for!
The weather on Thursday was crazy, hail (the size of a dime), rain (so hard we couldn't hear my "music") and thunder, cold! So cold (49) that I had to wear my silk long johns,
Monday it was 83. This warm spring day was so ripe, verdant and voluptuous, air filled with the perfume of fading Lilacs, fresh mown lawns and turned earth that one felt they could eat it.
I sat outside and spun until it was time for dinner at neighbor Ann's house (with Emma and Don and a bottle of the best Riesling) I'm flying into Oakland tomorrow and having a "girls night" with Pat, Don's mom, she "doesn't know what that is" (she has 5 boys need I say more) and I think a little worried about what "I" might have planned, but I've picked a Chick's flick" the new "Sabrina" (Harrison Ford what a babe) and Emma says there are beautiful tea cups and several lovely tea pots waiting for our celebration. On Friday and Saturday I'll be at "Knitterly" hope to meet a whole bunch of new friends, then fly into the waiting arms of Mike, whom I've missed terribly and not just because the lawn needed attention (Emma mowed). Becky has planned some Mother Days fun with brunch and a walk on the beach, then guys are cooking dinner WOW. Love to you all! Trish

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