Friday, May 11, 2007

Girls night out

I've infected the Turrentine household with "Andersen Time" Pat and I ate dinner at 10:00pm after shopping 'til we dropped and then discovering a beautiful yarn shop.
Pat enjoyed "Sabrina" while I skeined yarn. She found my hem had fallen and then went to work fixing it, and ironning my outfit (me; "really Pat that's ok I'll just pin it, and let me iron it;" Pat; "no no do your work I can do everything else".) Today we travel via more yarn shops to Knitterly (think Pat likes them as much as I do?) and I've given up on the gloves once again as now I've lost my ball of yarn....I'm knitting a scarf. Lots of love Trish


george said...


The blog looks awesome. It is the first time I've seen it. When is the website coming? Think retail!

Nancy & I will be moving back to Oregon soon! Can't wait to see you up there. I'll be in touch once we know our schedule and where we are going to land.


Denise said...

I hope you got the yarn safely. My computer crashed (totally and completely dead) right before my vacation and I don't have your email address. I'm on vacation in Ireland right now (the B&B has internet access).
talk to you soon!