Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Reston VA

I am always amazed (and delights more than is probably healthy) anyone, other than my family (Mom I have to look at the blog to know where you are!), looks at "the blog". I love the map (look down on the bottom of the blog) and wonder at all the people that spend a little of their day looking at my insanity. I wonder at that little pin in China, Japan and Madrid, I know what the person in Denmark was thinking, very flattering but not interested! Beth doesn't look at the blog, when I asked for the thousandth time why Beth why, in her defense she exclaimed" Pishy I don't have to look at the blog I live it"! True enough she does, especially now Gary is living in Walla Walla WA, while she waits to sell the house in Warren, OR.
The person I most wonder about is the person in Reston VA. Now I have the map I know where that is. Yes I knew where Virginia was, I use to live in Baltimore and New Jersey, but Reston VA? Where did I meet this person, did they buy yarn at Stitches East? Did they buy yarn? Does she (I only speculate that it is a woman) like knitting, does she like wine or the Glenlivet? I know she likes chocolate as in my mind we have similar tastes, did she watch ROME? Does she have sheep? Does she want a sheep (Jan is going through her "for sale" list and deciding which to keep, to eat and to sell) Does she like Northwest Spring, no one else really does, but it's my favorite.
Does she struggle with balance as I do, giving equal time to her family, job, hobbies and her health? Does she like to read? Will I ever get to meet my friend in Reston VA? One day I hope, I'm working on getting back east this year and maybe I'll have some answers to all my questions but for now.... to all the people I don't know and look at the blog HI!
Do you like knitting? Did we meet? Do you like Glenlivet? Have you watched ROME? Is it all right for a fellow knitter to talk about testicles (sheep mostly but sometimes men) at the dinner table (it's not in Baltimore, I all ready warned, Jan who is going to Maryland Sheep and Wool) in your world? Do you still like me (I know you do Sheila! ) even though we talk about all manor of grossness at our dinner table (watch out Katie if it bothers you we'll try not to)? My favorite color is purple what's yours?
Yes I know, too much yarn not enough socialization (now you begin to see why my family is sending me away. I'm just lucky it's on a cruise) in the "normal" world. I love you my currently unknown friends, but my favorite unknown friend lurks in Reston VA. you make me wonder the most.

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