Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Beth has joined me at Joe's! She is working on word smithing and I am....well you know what I'm doing. I have a guilty announcement. I'm going on a cruise! Apparently I've been working too hard and my family is so worried that they are taking/sending me on a cruise, gotta love this family.
Becky and I are going to Alaska. Having learned my lesson last year on my 25th anniversary trip to the San Juan's (last March) with the fingerless mittens-while very fun, not really warm, I started this pair of mittens. I chose Newport Rocks in 80% Merino/20% Silk. I have knitted these to the fingers (both mittens at once mind you) twice, and knit the cuffs 4 times and just started a fresh last night for the 6th time. I have decided to follow Leigh's pattern for Unisex gloves from One Skein, exactly, I'm on a time deadline, we leave May 19th.
(you may remember these gloves this is a picture just before I took them apart the first time)

I plan to have most of my standing orders finished before I go and sneak fiber along with the wheel on to the boat (OK Mike ship). Becky knowing this about me (Mom I've known you all my life, dah) has planned a lot of "on shore" activities.........
I'm flying to Knitterly, in Petaluma, for a spinning demonstration on May 11 & 12th then fly down to LA for a quick visit and a Mothers Day Celebration ( Steve; Mom, whens Mothers Day?, Me; Don't worry hunny you haven't missed it, Steve; Oh good...) and then fly back to Portland (with Becky (will I need drugs>>>?)), drive to Seattle and then 8 days of ? oh ya fun, fun-not having anything to do with yarn? is it it possible?
The good news! We are so close to being "caught up" that I can taste it. Every skein that Larrissa skeined yesterday (30 was the score) was celebrated with much fan fair, all the way to Larrissa's house I was celebrating (Larrissa was announcing how tired and hungry she was poor thing, 30 is a lot of skeins), and last night had dinner with Beth (who chose to spin) we watched part of Dune, I took apart my gloves again and started to knit the gloves again. Wish me luck! PS Brent has a blog!!!!

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Fall Cruise to Alaska said...

A cruise! Too bad it's not the Spindlicity cruise, you could cruise and spin at the same time! Oops, was that the point of the cruise, not to spin?? LOL.

Miss you Trish!

-- Janel