Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm still catching my breath from the AWESOME weekend. Pat and I had the best time just seeing the sights of her surrounds, look at this lovely farm, I had to take a picture.
The rolling hills in northern California from Pat's house to Knitterly are breathtaking this time of year, lots of wild flowers, still some green left in the grasses, and then we arrived in Petaluma. I'd never been to old town Petaluma, but talking about high Victorian! She is trying to tempt me into moving and I have to say it's not a hard sell.

Knitterly is a jewel of a knitting shop. The staff is so sweet and helpful, Shelli and her husband Jeff (greatest pancake maker ever) were lovely to stay with even if they didn't own a purl of a yarn shop.
Look at the shrine to Tanglewood! Note the jacket that Shelli designed and knit (4 times guess I'm not so sad about my gloves, yes still unfinished)
I can't begin to tell you about all the wonderful people I met. I do know at some point I'm going back soon, and hopefully Page can organize a retreat to the San Juan Islands!
I spent a very comfortable night in the "Yarn Temple" at Shelli's house. Wow how could I sleep with all the lovely yarn. Jeff says there is another larger temple in the garage,,,,,,,
Saturday night was spent flying down to LA and then a lovely Mothers Day-!! Boy am I the most cherished Mom. Still not quite caught up with the sleep, and have spent a work day at home, today Steven is taking Mom and I out for a surprise.... More to follow!

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