Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time flies

There is never enough time for me. Sally Melvile enlightened me by saying "creative people are time awareness challenged". I love that phase, and the thought that I must be really creative. "Time Awareness Challenged". I don't like to "waste time" with sleep or doing house work or anything other than making yarn. I'm starting to feel that perhaps I might need a little more (the other dirty "B" word in my book) balance.
One day while complaining that there were only 24 hours in a day someone pointed out if I had 48 I would need 49, and thank goodness there are only 24. Yes time is short. There has never been and never will be enough "time" for me. My visit with Knitterly and Pat is now a week ago. I'm going on a cruise Saturday, NwRSA Conference is in two weeks, Black Sheep Gathering is in 4 weeks and Katie comes in three weeks, give or take a few days.
Elda is finished her batch of fiber, wow 63 oz.s since April 21, she is breaking speed records. I need glasses which is why John didn't get his fiber-sorry John my fault, (but taking time to sit in yet another doctors office while a lovely knitting opportunity it doesn't get yarn made). Tomorrow I fly home, the real home, but away from Mike, which is making me very sad because we aren't sure when we will see each other again. I like to have a firm idea before we say good bye so I can look forward instead of missing him.
I didn't see Mel today, bummer for me and her, ran out of time. I really wanted to see my friend Diane (a non-spinning friend) but it didn't happen. A lot of good things did happen, Steven has a fully insured running vehicle, that he bought himself. He has a dentist appointment and is getting his teeth fixed, many teeth fixed. He shares my aversion to the dentist, but I go and he hasn't, now it is a matter of" have to" not "want to" go to the dentist. Becky has blossomed into a girly girl, wait until you see the picture of her in her new formal dress she bought for the cruise!
I found among the flying and dentist phobia's I have I also have a phobia for fancy shoe shops. I never remember until I have a panic attack in some swanky shoe shop and some fancy man is asking me if I need help while looking at my very respectable Keens (I washed any farm excitement off before packing them in my suit case) like I had sprouted another leg. I had to leave two shoe shops and only could stand in the door of the next. Payless isn't as scary as no one cares what you are doing in there, changing babies, vomiting, fist fights (OK they were 6 ish but still) having a freak out because I have to pick and spend money (not to mention taking the time to go to THE MALL) on shoes that are "stylish". I like my "hippy" Keens they are comfortable, they last and they look great with hand-spun hand-knit socks (although today I'm wearing the socks Jan gave me as a present from Maryland Sheep and Wool-!!).
Alexandra's hand is so much better I've taken a picture of it but will post it later and place it here. I even made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish while in LA, I can't find the list but know now it was way too much for the amount of time I was here. Now I'm going for a rest and catch up on lots of sleep, Mike says, Becky says, Steven says zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz The computer even says it's 0:00 hours (where did the voice come from! One day my computer started announcing the time, how does it even know that I'm "Time Awareness Challenged"?) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ wish me luck, I'm flying and going to the dentist and (another phobia oh my 4 phobias) to the beauty parlor all tomorrow! One more question, can I wear my silky long johns with the beaded formal gown or the glittery one..........hey it's May in Alaska!


Sheila E said...

Have a Fantastic Time My Friend!! Can not wait to see all the lovely pictures!! Eat it all up! Joy, Love and Beauty.
Plus....see you SOON at Black Sheep ;)

Fall Cruise to Alaska said...

Oh Trish, you will have so much fun! Orcas, and eagles and bears, oh my! My favorite thing to do on the alaska cruise I took was to get off the boat and rent a bicycle and explore on my own.

I hope you get some much needed b*l*nce in your life, and I'll see you at Black Sheep too!

Fall Cruise to Alaska said...

oops, your blog only lets me log in as fall cruise to alaska - pretty funny. Anyhow, that was me.. Janel posting the last comment.