Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Surprise Day

It was a surprise day. I didn't know when I went to bed this morning at (beading yarn excitement for Knitterly) 3:00am that this morning at 11:00 am I would be on the best adventure. I first met a new spinner to TFC named Donna! She is fab especially since she has only been spinning a year or less. She is working on a special project that Nancy at Knit Stop has commissioned. I got to talk to Elizabeth at Knit Knot I LOVE Elizabeth-!! and I talked to Shelia ( Then I went to Barbara's house and talked about cats, fiber and plants all my favorite and since I was in the neighborhood thought I would drop by Abundant Yarns. Wow internet food and spinning night! I didn't bring my wheel so they are letting me borrow one. I'm facing my lunch/dinner and a lovely cup of jasmine tea. Life can hold no more today. Barbara gave me some starts of red currant (YEA Mike I got some!) and something else that's yellow. Mike says I need more colors in the garden than blue and purple. I like yellow but I don't have anything now that is blooming those colors. Even though I haven't touched the wheel today I have gotten so much done! Sachi called and said a package of 3 1/2 pounds is coming my way! Elda has a box load of singles and Beth is doing scaled back textured today.
Tomorrow is Aurora Guild's all day Spin-In and then Saturday it's Aurora's Fiber Fair, Jan will be selling lots of wonderful things including buttons and earrings she has been making. Next week Jan, Shelia, and Janel Laidman will all be at Maryland Sheep and Wool (but not together) and I'll be farm sitting for Jan and attending A Day to Dye for at Diane McKinnon's house, and Emma and Don are coming home. Anna (Emma sister and my best former 4-Her) is moving back as well and I'm housing her wheel so she can spin and stay home with her 8th month old Charlie! All in all it's a good day at Tanglewood Fiber Creations. Thanks world

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Sheila E said...

Oops, put my comment under the post below...Oh well as long as you get it all is well with the world!
Love you Lady!!