Saturday, April 28, 2007

This one's for ewe Brent

As mentioned before Brent and I have a passion for Cats. Jan has been "courting" two kittens that have been lurking at the bottom of the back pasture. So of course when we got home today from the Aurora Guild Fiber Feast, Jan spotted them and she and I went and got them and made them "comfortable" in her barn. I've been harping for years that this barn needed a cat. Barns need cats it's just a rule, and Jan's barn is no exception. Neil isn't terribly thrilled about the fact that we have appropriated these kittens, they may have a home but they have been lurking and no one has been calling for them. Bad news is they are both girls...... poor Neil
We've all ready named these kittens, This is Abby short for Abalone

This one is Pearl

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