Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I spent the day in Lint on Saturday, Melissa and I got to talking about "old days" and I thought I should tell you about what good people Melissa at Lint and Elizabeth at Knit Knot are.
When Becky and I were pounding the pavement and looking for a home for our very expensive and totally new hand-dyed hand-spun yarn, it was rough. Many knit shops wouldn't return our phone calls and the one's that did turned us down, flat. Melissa and Elizabeth both said Weeellll I'll look at it. Both said they would "try it" on the same day. Becky and I were elated! Low and Behold the yarn sold, and sold and sold even though it is 4-10x the price of "normal" yarn. What a thrill. Both of these yarn shops are about 3 miles apart in Portland yet they sell completely different yarns. Last year Knit Knot was our second best selling yarn shop- and by far the smallest of all of the yarn shops. Don't judge a book though Elizabeth is a knitting champ, and has such a flair for knitting fashion and designs the outrageously beautiful garments, her finishing is flawless. Melissa has been great at providing a great place for the "younger" generation to go and knit, she has great classes and Tuesday night knitting. I love these shops the best of all. If you are in Portland OR. these are must see locations! I LOVE YOU MELISSA AND ELIZABETH!


Sachi said...

Yay for yarny friends!

Sheila E said...

I Am So Glad that we got to talk today. It's been too long and I have been missing You!!
It's great that you have this blog so that I can keep up with you Trish. You know that's not the easiest thing to do.
I am looking forward to Black Sheep so that we can Hug and Stuff ;)