Saturday, March 03, 2007

My "other house"

I'm in Los Angeles with my family and having a lovely time.

This is a picture of a Valentines Gift two years ago. Mike feels that I should have "plants that stink", this arbor is about to explode with Pink Jasmine blooms, the yard and house will be heaven with scent.

This is a picture of where Becky nearly decided to rent. It is very cheerful cottage, but in a neighborhood that was very "questionable", Michael freaked at the last minute, so Becky will go out looking again on Sunday.

Our yarn that now is for sale at Wild Fiber

The helpful staff at Wild Fiber

This is Natasha the new owner of Wild Fiber fondling some TFC yarn

I went for a visit to Wild Fiber and met with the new owner Natasha, and while we both agreed we miss Mel, we both (well at least I ) had a good time. Lots of "supporter of the arts" stopped and told me of all the lovely things they have made with Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn, even people that didn't know who I was! I had to fight Natasha for the skein of Newport Rocks in the cashmere I'm sending to Lime and Violet, and promise to hurry up all the orders so as to get to hers.

The inspirational sculpture

The whole family bathed in purple/fuchsia light

Today we went to the California Science Center to visit the I-Max theater and the Star-Wars exhibit. While in line waiting we were bathed in purple light coming through the sky light and these gold balls hanging, total bling which got me thinking of a new color way....Afterwards we went to Santa Monica for dinner while the sun set on a mildly warm (for me) day. Mike and I tried Jameson's Whiskey (Charlie and Melda's Favorite (former owners of Woodland Woolworks!)) and found it to be very tasty. I got a fair amount knit on the gloves.

Tomorrow we're having a Alexandra, Mataniu and Mom over for "tea" and Brent over for dinner.


Sheila E said...

How lovely to see the whole fam damily!! You are all so very handsome at the California Science Center!!
I am pleased to hear that you are having a good time in LA!!
They don't get to keep you forever...;0 do they?
Kisses!! and HUGS to one and all!!

clara said...

what a gorgeous picture of becky rose!

love you!