Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The business at hand

I'm doing taxes and paperwork, and catching up on blog postings now that I have the high speed internet again. I love making yarn, dyeing fiber, designing new yarn, but paperwork not so much. Becky Rose is such a help but Tanglewood Fiber Creations has grown so much that the paperwork in our first three months of this year exceed all the paperwork of the previous year. Lost receipts, missing items, "I know you think you filed it Mom but..." all this on top of one of the scariest flights ever, yes I took one pill, and wondered about using my last one. Luckily once in Seattle we were loaded onto a plane of size and the Pilot's Mom and wife were aboard and assured me that all would be well, and it was.

Mike was thrilled with my arrival and we both are thinking that even three weeks is too long. Unfortunately the combination of drugs and paperwork left little time for reunions. The house was wonderfully clean and Mike made me a cup of tea, Becky whisked me off for a meal and then paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Ok enough, the Tax man waits

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