Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another week ends

This is our tiny front room at TFC. Alexandra, Brent, Mom and Becky Rose all working away. Brent is the hero of the day. Between my spinning wheel know how and Brent's careful mechanical engineering Alexandra is plying on her Babe Electric spinning wheel. Becky spent the day preparing dish after dish after dish.

I can't believe that these gloves are so different. One perfect and one that would fit another half a hand! I've taken these gloves apart three times, lost the needles (I left them in the airport someone found them, Airport Lost and Found are sending them back to OR! They were the wrong size anyway) bought new needles (the right size), taken apart studied the pattern, knitted, bought more needles, studied again, took it apart and struck out on my own.

Yes look they are different sizes the thumb needle on one carries 15 stitches and has 46 stitches on the other needles, the bigger glove's thumb needle has 20 stitches with the needles carry 47 stitches! Lots more knitting "pleasure" ahead not sure if doing it on the plane such a good idea...

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Brent said...

No are my hero!