Monday, March 05, 2007

All good things.....

I'll be flying home (St. Helens) on Wednesday. Today I got to finish two bobbins of Silk/Cashmere in the "Northwest Winter" color-way for String! It is bliss to spin and will be awesome yarn, as beautiful as it is to spin I'm sure the knitting enjoyment factor will be top notch!
I ball wound enough mohair/wool in (NW Winter) yarn to start my homework for Leigh Radford's class on Shibori Scarf making at The Knitting Bee. It is a lot easier knitting than the darn gloves which have been shelved until I have more enthusiasm for the project, like when I get home and my hands are freezing again. The scarf is easy knitting which will be perfect for the plane and has been nice mindless knitting while getting the oil changed on Mike's car today.
It has been such a short visit.
Becky took the whole family out this afternoon apartment hunting, several good places, Mike approved. One place that Steven and I loved, but the kitchen didn't come up to snuff for Becky. Steven keep mumbling he'd love to move in.... is there hope yet for Steven?
Tomorrow is packing and going to the doctor. I'm happy to a) have a doctor b) afford the doctor c) that the doctor can see me on such short notice, but not to have to go would be best....

Jan called and we are planning our annual NwRSA conference arrangements, this event is the first weekend in June!

Many blooms have opened on the Pink Jasmine that is planted in the front yard as well as the arbor in the back due to the fact yesterday and today the temps were in the low-mid 80's. Hard to believe after leaving Portland last week in snow. The house is bathed in perfume I love it! (Becky just closed the front door saying pewwww can you smell that? it's really strong Mom! The little bushes I planted 4 short weeks ago have only two sets of blooms each but they are very powerful)

Off for the first early night since I've been here.
Yours in fiber

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