Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Going home

Janell At Fantasy Fibers asked me if "home" meant Oregon, well, yes it does. I like my little house in LA but something happens to me when I cross the border. The air is fresher, the water sweeter, and the noise level is lower. Although I love the urban life in Lakewood it's just too much for a long period of time.
We looked at more apartments yesterday and I had the most comfortable Mammogram ever. We (all the ladies also getting smashed) agreed that the robes were the softest and that this clinic didn't smash so much that "you felt like a tortilla"! Ha you know your in LA, at home we say pancake. When grilled about deodorant (I had washed it off) as it was 89 degrees yesterday and none of us wanted to go smelly (in a bad way) they provided towelettes for us.

Talking of smelly here is a picture just three days later of the jasmine arbor. Even though there are only a few blooms open the whole house and backyard "stink". Becky even crossed the road last night and said the smell was overwhelming. Pink Jasmine is a good bargain.

Think of me today flying about the west coast. I wave to Sheila, Shelli and staff at Knitterly, The Turrentine Family (anxiously awaiting Em and Don's arrival back "home" to the United States), Denise (I'm going to be briefly in Seattle) Sarah and Bonnie.
Yours in Fiber

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