Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Beth and I have an imaginary business called "Andersen's Moving and Hauling". Beth and I have moved every piece of furniture in my home at least once, most twice. We've moved somethings at her house too, and now she is moving to the Walla Walla area I'm sure "AMAH" will be called in for some special pieces. Beth and I can pack anything into anything and move it anywhere. People are always asking me "how do you manage it". It takes a village to get me going and there. Here is a picture of what my car looked like when I made my most resent trip to LA the white bundles are a lot of cashmere!
By the By this isn't my normal car, this is my husbands new car, he had yet to drive this car, when I told him that these pictures existed he asked NOT to see them, what he doesn't know....! Trish


Sachi said...

Oh my god, all that cashmere!

erin said...

Auntie Trish, you MUST stop by and take a break on your next trip south! Email us at erin at t-tine dot com.

Erin and Matt

clara said...

hi trish,

you have to post more now, because i've linked to you!


ps: donny is using a drill bit as long as his leg to do a very small job. should i be worried? he said he wondered what you would say... hehee.