Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fast Friends

Anyone that knows me knows that I have never met a stranger, being one of the strangest of all. At last years NwRSA conference I met Myrna Stallman, we got to talking (pretty sure she was haplessly listening) and became fast friends. She and Sarah Sweat gave me an honorary COE (Certificate of Excellence) in spinning, knitting, and story telling. Time passed and Myrna and I met again at Oregon Flock and Fiber. We ended up in a motel room together (not like that) swapping stories, while everyone had some form of hand work to do, Myrna (not realizing that she was going to sit in a motel room until 3:30 am) had nothing to do and felt out of place, soon she was knitting with my Sauvies Island Peaches beaded yarn. Look what she did!!! This pattern is going to be in Deb MacComber's new book (Yes a new "A Good Yarn" story-!!) that will be out in May. So you all are the first to see what it will look like in "good yarn!"

I'm a real fan of Myrna's, but our minds work a little differently. She is really organized and precise, let's just say I'm working on it. She wanted me to take one of her lace knitting classes at TNNA,("but Myrna you don't know but I'm not a good student!" I can handle you says Myrna, my blood ran cold.) and so I'm taking a beginning lace knitting class this Sunday... I still haven't started on my homework, still trying to decide what kind of yarn to start with...... God be with you Myrna

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