Friday, January 26, 2007

Calm after the storm

We have cable internet, after two weeks we have it. I have been to TNNA and survived, but just barely. How much of a good thing can one person have? I've tested the boundaries to the limit.

I'm recovering from a persistent bug. Just when I feel ok and do something, it hits again. Mike tried to help pack me up on Monday, however after the third time of me "just having a little lay down", he asked me where was I planning to have a "little lay down" on I-5? I gave up and decided he may have a point and spent the rest of the day on a long lay down. I spent Tuesday helping Steven muck out his room. The air quality has improved in the house a lot. Wednesday I slept in and then spun 2 lb. of heavenly white cashmere. Let me tell you there is cashmere and then there is the luscious white dream cashmere that Melissa is providing me. Such textile heaven should be a sin, but it's my job-!! again I ask how much fun can one person have?

I'm missing lots of fun at Madronna Fiber Arts Winter Retreat, (my class with Sally Melville will have to wait until another day) (more calls "Trish we miss you"! Well I miss all of you too!!! WAAAA) and Jan McMahon's birthday party, and Beth's degeneration into a mini me. Mike has been very sweet and trying to make up for it by clowning around to make me laugh and even took my yarn to work to show it off to his buddies (not sure what kind of response he got, nothing like what I got at TNNA with my "better than sex yarn" tomorrow I make him take the cashmere).

Beth got Verizon cell phone and now calls to tantalize me with invitations for tea and Pride and Prejudicious, when she moves and gets direct TV will we watch tv together only separated by miles?

I love cashmere, so does Moses. Now Moses is healed he loves nothing more than to bury his face into the cashmere, and would like nothing more that to immerse himself in a fiber bath. What is it with cashmere and these cats. Sashi's cat couldn't be bothered. Thank goodness all the white cashmere is spun, Mo's under-down and the cream cashmere are about the same color, don't worry I am now using double zip-loc bags to avoid any unpleasantness. Pictures to follow, as soon as I'm on my own computer. He has been following me from room to room and has been snuggling up during his mid-morning nap (I choose to believe it's me rather than the cashmere draped about my person that is attracting him to my side) rather than under the table.

I've just got to go to bed as it is dye day tomorrow! Yours in Fiber Trish

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Sachi said...

I'm totally depressed that I won't be seeing you.