Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This yarn is called Sauvies Island Peaches. The scarf was knit as a progressive project at Stitches Mid-West and finished at Faboulas Fiber Fest in Santa Monica. Anyone that we could encourage did what ever they wanted on this scarf. The yarn has many different kinds of beads. The yarn is 50% Merino 50% Tencel. Myrna Stalman has knit a shawl using this yarn. I'm taking her class at TNNA
This yarn is made with super-wash Merino and tencel, carries lots of interesting beads and crystals. This is the bag from One Skein, that I knit on a stressful trip to Arizona. I love the bag, but felt the textured knitting stitch is one too many "fun" items which is why the bag in Sauvie Island Peaches is a little different. So glad I learned to YO.


Sachi said...

Hey! I knitted on that scarf!

I'm glad you learned to YO too. Now... if you know how to K2tog, we're in business!

Alexandra said...

hey I thought you were getting rest..How about learning to k2tog then you'll be ready for TNNA and Mirna..

Sheila E said...

I know that scarf...I think that my needles ran through that yarn a time or two....wait did I knit on it? Oh well...can we start another for the Stitches East Show?
I adore that yarn!!