Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tanglewood Fiber Creations

Tanglewood Fiber CreationsHaving spent the entire day yesterday dinking on the computer, while the flooring guy made slow progress on the rehab of the house. I got on line straight away this morning, had my shower though, but still in the towel.

Having felt quilt at finding it was 8:45 pm last night and not one ounce was spun I quickly got to the wheel and punched out 4 ounces while watching a program on lost (Bactrian) Afghanistan Gold. A lot of bling in those thar graves partner.
Ramos (brothers?) came in the afternoon and decided they were tired, of course just looking at all the work makes me tired. They decided that coming back another day ( next Tuesday) would work better. When I asked if it was "Miller time" they all laughed but in that "she is a wacked gringo kind of way", ok Glenlivet then? I'll add a worm if it helps.
I had a great time in LA this last time. I went to Movie Night with Becky's friends and Co-Workers. Brent has a great theater in his building, the leather couches are the bomb and we watched Empire Strikes Back, with full bellies, thanks to Becky's cooking skills.
I went to a Pink Floyd concert at the Hollywood Bowl, wonderful, and interesting. Half the people there were "old timers" and half were Becky and Steven's age. Interesting.... is our (meaning my generation) wacked out music going to be "classical" in 150 years-?? Ummm. The parking was a nightmare and finally in the thick crowd my husband said yes yes pay the $40 for parking, then got into a shouting match with the parking attendant. Then a long trek up to the bowl and a longer wait in a massive crowd to get in and managed to loose Mike and Steven. I was worried that Mike might have had a heart attack. Paying $40 for parking in a dirt lot (and they parked the cars like sardines so that everyone had to leave before we could) is enough to send the old man to the grave.
Knitting in LA~ I love it. (pause while I clothe myself) While at Wild Fiber talking treason with Mel, a black gal walked across the street, and we all noticed no under garments present. How do we know you ask? As the garment she was wearing didn't cover all of her magnificent boody (jealous yes). I gave her the benefit of doubt, maybe a tight thong? However shortly after I was proven wrong when said boody-licious gal comes running out of the apartment complex ripping the clothes off a very large black man, in the middle of the street. We all got a good frontal view, no thong. It was hard to talk about cashmere after that, so we talked treason again.
Flooring guy is here, promises a functioning (downstairs) toilet this morning, have to set 16 skeins plied this weekend. Spinning, Beth, chick flicks and lamb stew what could be better. Is that why the Glenlivet bottle is half gone?
Yours in Fiber


Sachi said...

Holy moly, woman! You had a helluva time in LA! I'm a little shocked about the whole Wild Fiber episode as I consider that a good neighborhood. Perhaps I should re-assess!

(FYI - I think you tried to click "reply" to send me an email last time. You have to click "forward" because Blogger doesn't share my email address. :-))

Oh! I'm done with the Huntington Beach. Shall I send it along or would you rather I wait to finish the Allsorts and send it all together?

Lisa S said...

Ok, Trish. I am looking forward to your stories, in person. See you in Baltimore!