Thursday, October 19, 2006

The local pusher

Yea, yea, I need more brown and give me some white, yea, hold on let me move the car, they are getting suspicious here, yea that's right seven pounds, yea, yea, send to the house I don't want to take it on the plane. Great 'cause I'm all ready jonesn' for the brown, all right send some of the blend too. Word on the street is the brown is good s#*#. Gotta move the car again, Noooo don't call the house.......
This is a conversation between an addict and her pusher. Melissa, is the pusher, from Peace of Yarn and of course you know the insanely addicted.
Just one more bobbin, just one more..... oh my it's 4:30am no wonder I can't find anything on the TV but infomercials. I spun and beaded the new Calypso Cove last night in the Merino/Tencel, however I have no idea what it looks like since I plied some Natural Colored Cashmere on top of it. Today it will be my surprise, well off to spin some Merino/Angora~ some jobs just don't suck!
Yours in Fiber


Sachi said...

Oh, I know that feeling. Both the spinning until 4:00 AM and the fact that the pusher doesn't really have to push all that hard.

Sheila E said...

You KNOW you love it!! Nice blog, nice pictures!! Can't wait to see you ;)X